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Nursing Pads SoftLine Style, X-Small, Health Care Stuffs

Nursing Pads SoftLine Style, X-Small

LANACare nursing pads - the nursing pads women LOVE! Most women need only 2 pairs for entire nursing period.
Super soft organic wool fibers meshed together to create a light yet absorptive pad; wicks moisture away from skin without feeling wet, keeping skin dry and comfortable.
Beneficial with most common breastfeeding problems. Larger sizes give protective warmth, which Scandinavian midwives have long felt helps prevent plugged ducts. Less noticeable through clothing.
Style Softline (1 of 3 styles and 6 sizes) economical style for light leaking.
XS, 5 in circle diameter. Most comparable to disposables in size when in place. Cup size A-B. Soothing! Natural lanolin removes bacteria as pads dry-wash occasionally with LANACare lanolin soap. 3 styles and 6 sizes to suit each woman's needs. Softline - light leaking. Original - most popular, moderate leaking. Ekstra - moderate to heavy leaking. More »


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